Write a paper on tv series prisonbreak

You will choose one (or more) of the readings thus far and offer an analysis of where you see that reading’s theme manifested in an artifact of popular culture (film, TV, other works of literature, news, drama, language, fashion, music). You will compare and contrast how and for what purpose that theme is adapted and represented in the text and in the pop culture artifact. You will also compare and contrast one or more components of the text and the cultural artifact of your choice (e.g., character(s), tone, figurative language, etc.) and discuss their effect on the differences in the representation of the theme.
Your Audience

Certainly, your audience for this project is you, your classmates, and me. But consider even more specifically the fan base of the cultural artifact you’ve chosen; consider, too, those who are not or would not be fans. Are you writing to them, as well? Having a clear understanding of your audience will help you to craft your analysis and your argument effectively.Following is the things I want you to work with, and you also need to find and analysis all the requirements.

Theme: Escape

“Our Paper” and TV series “PrisonBreak”

They are similar because all charaters were innocent, and they were controlled by the government. So the planned to escape the “prison” they were living in.

The different thing is the prison in “PrisonBreak” is real.

We choose the theme because sometimes we have the same idea that want to get out of the country to a competely different place where no one knows us.

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