Write a religion studies essay about theism vs atheism

Write a Religion Studies Essay about a topic.

You are also free to pick a topic of your own

1. Religion and Science (Does God Exist?)

2. I am a Christian, because…

3. I am a Jew, because….

4. I am a Muslim, because….

5. I am an Atheist, because…

6. I believe in life after death, because…

7. Religion and Modern Ethical issues: Abortion

8. Religion and Modern Ethical issues: Euthanasia

9. Religion and Modern Ethical issues: Capital Punishment

10. Religion and Modern Ethical issues: Homosexuality and Gay Marriage

11. Theism vs. Atheism

12. Creationism vs. Evolution

13. Religion, Suffering and Injustice in the World

14. Religion and Universal Evil

15. Free will vs. Predestination/Determinism

16. Comparing Religions: Hinduism and Buddhism

17. Religion and Wars

18. Religion and Modern American Politics

19. Importance of Religious Rituals and Traditions

20. The concept of “afterlife” in various religions

21. The concept of “sacrifices” in various religions

22. Religion and Morality: Foundations for morality today

23. The Nature of God in Judaism and Hinduism/Buddhism/Islam (pick one or two)

24. Various Judaism groups (Hasidism, Orthodox etc.)

25. The Messiah in Judaism

26. The teachings of Jesus and the Buddha (Comparison)

27. The quest for Historical Jesus

28. The Gospels and the Resurrection

29. Religion and mystical spirituality

30. Miracles vs. Science

31. Religion and Apocalypse

32. Various Christian Denominations and Sects (Pentecostals, Baptists, Amish etc.)

33. The life of Muhammad

34. Sunnis and Shia’s

35. Modern Islam and the West

36. The concept of God in Islam

37. Islam and Judaism (comparison)

38. Islam and Christianity (comparison)

39. Islam and gender issues

40. Islam and the Sharia Law

41. Life after Death in Islam

42. Sufism and Islam

43. Various Muslim sects

44. Islam in the U.S.A.

45. Modern Religious movements: Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons, Scientology, Satanists etc.

46. Religion and Globalization

47. New Age, Scientology or other modern mystical movements.

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