Write a research paper about corporate governance and ethics

In XFIN-500, each student is required to complete a research paper that demonstrates effective communication skills, research competence, and technology fluency. The paper should demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas about financial management in a clear, professional manner. Research for the paper should be conducted using Howard’s online library resources (eBooks, research databases), as well as industry and trade references. Read all the instructions and requirements thoroughly before you start. If you have any questions, post them to the student cafe.

There is a drop box in Week Two for you to submit the abstract, a drop box in Week Four to submit your first draft, and another one in Week Five to submit your final paper.

Content Requirements

Effective communication includes appropriate writing style, organization, grammar, and spelling, as well as the ability to integrate course-related material and research. The paper should link concepts studied in the course to real-world organizations and the environments in which they operate.

Research competency is evidenced by the student’s ability to formulate a viable thesis and relevant research topic, select appropriate scholarly references and resources, and use sources in an ethical way (i.e., citing them appropriately according to APA style).

Technological fluency is apparent in successfully using technology to conduct research and submitting a professional, polished final paper.

The paper should be based on one primary article selected from ABI/INFORM, Business Source Complete, or other business research databases identified in the course (see the “Research Databases” page in the Week Two course content area). Your topic should be selected from the list of seven topics listed below. These have been identified as issues that have significant impact on the financial decisions of managers and that are covered in varying depth in XFIN-500. A paper on the use of technology in finance, for instance, could explore the impact of changes in information technology and the financial impact of such changes on the structure of industries, and on the ways companies compete. It could demonstrate how an organization’s financial success is now being or will be affected in the future.


1. Business performance management/corporate performance management
2. Corporate governance and ethics
3. Disclosure and financial reporting
4. Globalization and international finance
5. Risk management
6. The use of technology in finance
7. Value-based management

In addition to the primary article, the student needs to perform additional research to support the analysis/critical evaluation portion of the paper. At least three (3) sources should be included in the references of your paper.

The final paper should consist of the following:

1. Introduction: Clearly state the issues being addressed and state your thesis. For example, if you were addressing the recent changes in corporate governance driven by Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and new regulations promulgated by the SEC, NYSE, etc., you might summarize that the paper details the intended impact on corporate behavior and ethics, and then state a thesis about the prospects for success.

2. Analysis/critical evaluation: Evaluate the position(s) taken in the primary article. What are the particular strengths or weaknesses in the accompanying arguments? Use at least three (3) additional sources to support your analysis.

3. Conclusions: What is your assessment, given the views in the article and other research conducted? Conclusions need to be supported by solid analysis and logical reasoning.

Format Requirements

• The paper should be between five (5) and seven (7) pages, double-spaced, excluding appendices, exhibits, graphs, and references and entirely prepared using word processing software.

• Appendices, exhibits, graphs, and other references may take the form of spreadsheets, images, and/or PowerPoint inserts that demonstrate an understanding of technology tools used in financial management and demonstrate student use of technology-enhanced presentations These should be clearly labeled and referenced within the paper.

• This paper must cite recent sources (nothing prior to 2004). The paper may use course materials, magazine or journal articles, or other online sources so long as they are up-to-date and can be considered to be reliable, scholarly sources. Contact the instructor for permission to use sources published prior to 2004.

• The writing style and all citations must follow the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition. Citations for online sources should include the online address (URA) and access date as well as the citation for the specific reference. See the “APA Citation Guidelines” page in the syllabus for resources.

Information on Data Sources

In order to conduct the research necessary for this assignment, you will need to search for scholarly journal articles and other industry or trade sources through online research databases available via Howard’s library system. Through Howard’s library catalog you may also find useful books, some of which are available as eBooks. In the Week Two course content area you will see the pages listed below, which explain the nature of scholarly research, what research databases are, and how to access Howard’s online library resources.

• Library System
• Scholarly Journals
• Research Databases

When you obtain articles from an online research database, use the full-text PDF versions of the articles. The PDF version typically prints out in the same format (e.g., with the exact page numbers) as the article that appears in the physical journal, allowing you to reference specific page numbers in your citations.

Some of the resources you may want to look for through the business research databases include industry rankings, financial data, company profiles, investment reports, and journal articles on finance, management strategy, planning, risk management, and international business.

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