Write a research paper on greece cultural analysis

Write a research paper on GREECE Cultural Analysis and a Ten Slides on a power point presentation.
Directions to follow in writing this paper.

Write a research paper on GREECE cultural Analysis.

Cross Cultural Analysis Guidelines General:

• Complete a 14-16 page Cross Cultural Analysis research paper as well as give a presentation in class on the analysis (not including title page and bibliography). Follow the standard writing requirements for the Theology Department.

A separate presentation including PowerPoint 10 slides should be attached.

The paper should utilize no less than 15 academic sources, the analysis will describe elements of the national culture selected in light of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and Hall’s cultural factors and other cultural characteristics. The analysis will describe the development of the culture and how it was shape by factors such as language, geography, history, political structures, etc. Do not just discuss these four factors. The point here is to analyze and discuss how these factors have shaped the culture over time.

How have these factors shaped the culture today?

• The analysis will compare and contrast the selected national culture with that of the United States.

• The analysis will share guidelines for how to effectively lead and minister in the selected national culture given its cultural dynamics.

• The presentation should include PowerPoint and handouts that the student will bring to class and also will email to the professor before class.

• The PowerPoint should include ten well designed slides. They should be visually appealing. Be careful not to overload each slide with text.

• The handout should be a one page single spaced bulleted executive summary.

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