Write paper about managed care impacts on healthcare finance

Finance/Healthcare paper

The paper should be 7-10 pages in length (ORIGINAL WORK!), at least 5 sources for the paper (NO SOURCES FROM WIKIPEDIA!), and in APA format.

The format of the paper is as follows:

1. Introduction
2. Challenges and Problems (associated with your topic)
3. Review of the Literature
4. Critical Analysis of Challenges/Problems
5. Recommended Solutions
6. Implementation of Solutions
7. Justification of Solutions
8. Conclusion
9. References

Topics for the paper are as follows:

-Managed care impacts on healthcare finance
-The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and healthcare finance
-Hospital ownership types and impacts on healthcare finance
-Presenting hospital financial statements
-Strategic financial planning for healthcare organizations
-Financial management of home health care
-Financial management of ambulatory surgery
-Financial management of clinics
-Financial management of physician practices
-Flexible budgeting for healthcare organizations
-Capital budgeting for healthcare organizations
-Information management for healthcare organizations
-Principles and practices for hospital auditing

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