you are introduced to the theories of transformational and authentic leadership, Iwrite 4–5-page APA-compliant paper

1. Provide an overview of the concepts and practices in your readings and identify the relationship between them.  2. Identify a leader who has been successful in creating organizational growth and change using the concepts and practices you have read about. This leader can be one from a current job, a volunteer group or other activity you are engaged in, a classmate, or a family member.   3. Discuss why you selected this person and describe the leadership accomplishment that has supported your selection choice.  4. Interview this leader using the questions below: a. What has been your leadership training and educational background?  b. How did you learn to be a leader? c. What were the circumstances that caused you to have to demonstrate leadership? d. How did you engage others in the leadership effort you were engaged in? e. Did you encounter obstacles? How did you overcome them? f. If you look back at this experience, what actions did you find particularly successful?  g. If you look back at this experience, what one thing might you have done differently to improve the results of your work?   5. Describe how you are going to implement the results of your interview other leadership growth plans.


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